Dear customers, here you will find the assortment list of products " Silva ", which are ideally suited to offer both in bars and restaurants or hotels providing Facilities "All Inclusive".
     Especially for you we offer our products in catering packs of 1 kg. at special prices . Besides our standard production - Ravioli with meat Ravioli with spinach tortellini with ham, tortellini with mushrooms, tri-colored tortellini , and Russian pelmeni  stuffed with beef and pork or chicken , we produce also pasta with fillings of your choice. Examples of our practice Ravioli with three kinds of cheese tortellini with mushrooms and mozzarella Pelmeny with veal , and many others.
      All products " Silva " are fresh- frozen and stored at -18 * C. This technology allows us to work with high-quality natural materials - eggs , cheese , fresh meat , and others without the use of preservatives and substitutes in products. Thus keeps the authentic taste of Italian pasta up to 6 months after date of manufacture.
     Typical for ' Silva ' is the very short time to prepare. The stuffed pasta cooking time is 6-8 minutes.Tagliatelle " Silva" with eggs cooking time is only 1.5 - 2 minutes.
"Silva" - The ultimate Pizza and Pasta
Fresh Tagliatelle "Silva"with eggs
Ravioli "Silva" with meat
Ravioli V with spinach and cheese
Tortellini "Silva" with ham
Tortellini "Silva" tricollore
Russian Pelmeni "Silva" with beef and pork meat
Russian Pelmeni "Silva" with chicken meat
Agnollote "Silva" with chicken meat
Tortellini "Silva" with mushrooms
Lasagna Pastry "Silva"with eggs
Lasagna Pastry "Silva"with spinach
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Tagliatelle with eggs
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The original Italian cuisine from "Silva"
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Lasagna Pastry