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     Tagliatelle is a very popular representative of Italian cuisine. It is also called flat noodles and taste, as well as the method of preparation are very similar to spaghetti. The biggest advantage of taste "Fresh Tagliatelle Silva eggs" before drying is the use of natural raw materials for production - wheat semolina, fresh eggs / 6 pcs in 1 kg. / Salt water.
        The technology "deep freezing" that we use allows us to store the finished product up to 6 months after date of manufacture without any use of preservatives and artificial natural resources.
        Unlike dried tagliatelle, which are boiled in between 8-10 minutes Fresh Tagliatelle "Silva" is boiled for a minute - two. That reduces the time to prepare delicious meals 3-4 times.
        The wide variety of sauces, which gives the Italian cuisine allows you to cook Tagliatelle "Silva" with eggs each time with a different taste, and you can enjoy the exclusive Mediterranean cuisine without geting bored..
Fresh Tagliatelle "Silva"with eggs
          Method of preparation:
     Boil Fresh Tagliatelle "Silva" without defrosting it in salted boiling water for about 0.5 to 1 min. Strain water  and flush with cold water /! throwing cold water is very important as, if not chilled Tagliatelle will continue to boil and is in danger of overboiling /.
      Place chilled Tagliatelle "Silva" in a bowl, add some olive oil / oil / and mix good. Then garnish with sauce of your choice and grated Parmesan cheese. Enjoy the wonderful taste of traditional Italian cuisine ..
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Tagliatelle with eggs
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