"Silva" - The ultimate Pizza and Pasta
        Our company specializes in the production of fresh frozen Italian specialities. In 1992 we started the production of frozen ravioli, lasagna pastry, ready lasagna and pizza. Over the years the range was consistently extended with other typical products of the Italian and European  cuisine such as tortellini, agnolottiq tagliatelle, Pelmeni and others.
          The best quality of the products "Silva" is ensured by the selection of raw materials - high-quality semolina, fresh eggs, fresh meat,  precise selection of ham, dairy and vegetables.
         The lasagna pastry, ready lasagna, ravioli, tortellini, pizza and pelmeni "Silva" are proven and well known in the market across the country with its highest quality and relatively low prices. Characteristic of pizza "Silva" is the thin base, closely filling out the box with identical sizes marshes, dressed with plenty of carefully selected dairy, vegetable and meat products. These characteristics of pizza "Silva" distinguish them from other marketed pizzas.
        The comfort and quickness when preparing the meal, also the maintaining of the nutritional properties of the products, makes the fresh- frozen products better preferred over the canned. The annual growth in sales of frozen foods, also the increasing of the share of Italian ready-to-cook food determines the annual increase in sales of products "Sylva".
       Our products can be found in major retail chains and for some of them we produce products with their brand.
P i z z a  &  P a s t a
The original Italian cuisine from "Silva"
Production of fresh frozen Italian pizza, pasta and specialties
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